Rally Creek Electrical Notes for Future

At Rally Creek, we inherited a bunch of pre-installed electrical at the site. Some looks professionally installed. Some clearly not. This is our notebook documenting what we started with. The service appears to be 100 amp but may be possible to update to 200 amp. We will likely go mostly solar but until we can make that jump the on-site grid service is a necessity.


When we purchased Rally Creek we inherited some issues wit the electrical (and rain catchment) that need to be addressed.

Replace Main Lug Panel

The main panel installed on site is a main lug panel. This does not have a main disconnect. These panels are not supposed to be used as the primary breaker box.

For safety this panel needs to be replaced with a main breaker panel that has a main breaker switch.

Replace Extension Cord Hack

The prior site owner cut the end off an extension cable, wired it to the electrical box, and ran it to an outdoor outlet on a container as an INPUT for electrical power.

This is a potential fire hazard and needs to be replaced with a standard UFB rated underground cable and run through a conduit up to the breaker box.

The conduit also needs to be installed at the shipping container with a proper connector that wires to the 110 outlet and light fixture inside the container.

Breaker Box

Homeline 100 Amp 6-Space 12-Circuit Outdoor Main Lug Load Center(HOM612L100RBCP)

This is a Main Lug Panel style breaker panel.
It has no main breaker.
Main wires connect to a lug.
Requires separate disconnect.

Initial Breaker Setup

  1. 20A
  2. 15A
  3. 15A
  4. 15A
  5. 15A – Outlet at shipping container
  6. 30A – RV Outlet


Where To Buy

$50 from The Home Depot


For 12/2 UF wiring a minimum 1 1/4 in. conduit is needed.

ref: DIY Melon conduit size for 12/2 wire

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