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A list of the products we’ve tried and tested during our various projects at Rally Creek.

ProductRally Creek USA NotesPrice
BatteryView our Choosing A Solar System Battery article.
12 Volt 100Ah AGM Lead Battery
50% max usable ah capacity, 5Y max average lifespan
Weize 100ah LP12-100-W AGM
M8 terminal, 68 lbs, 2Y warranty
Our first battery array used these.
Could only get to maximum 38% discharge before shutdown.
$155 at Amazon
12 Volt LiFePO4 Lithium Battery, various capacitiesView our 12V LiFePO4 Battery list.
48 Volt LiFePO4 Lithium Battery , Various capacitiesView our 48V LiFePO4 Battery list.
Battery Cable
iGreely 8 8AWG 2ft$10 at Amazon
Voltworks 4AWG 2ft$19 at Amazon
Voltworks 2AWG 2ft$19 at Amazon
Battery Charger
HTRC P20 – Smart Charger for Lithium, LiFePO4, AGM 5/10/20 AmpWorks well for mid-power charger.
Using this for our initial charge testing on LiFePO4 batteries.
$63 at Amazon (na)
Victron Blue Smart IP67 12V 17AOur second charger for charge testing our LiFePO4 batteries.
No on-screen display.
Built-in bluetooth communicates with mobile app that shows total charge, charge state, etc.
$140 Amazon (na)
Battery Monitor / Shunt
Renogy Battery Shunt 300A
No display, Bluetooth (requires One Core) for DC Home app.
300A Shunt
Easy to use, nice display.
Wish display showed total Ah discharged/charged 24 hour or since last 0Ah reading.
Pairs with app.
$150 Renogy (na)
Renogy 500A Battery Monitor with Shunt
LCD Display on device, 10 – 120V
500A Shunt
No external data monitoring/connections.
$77 Amazon (na)
$107 Renogy (na)
Victron BMV-712 500A500A shunt
Includes bluetooth and Ve.Direct connections.
Pairs with app.
$160 Amazon (na)
Breaker Box
Connecticut Electric CESMPSC74GRHR Power Panel
80A Outdoor RV Panel Outlet with Breakers and GFCI Duplex
14-50 , TT30, 110 outlets
Installed at Blue Skies Cabin for RV (TT30) connection.
Split phase 240 is unused at the moment.
Good quality, like the lock out option.
$210 at Amazon
$210 at Home Depot (na)
GE Powermark 125A Indoor Main Breaker Kit$65 at Home Depot
GE Breaker Box Grounding Kit$10 at Home Depot
RVGuard Outdoor Power Panel With Breaker
14-50 , TT30, 110 outlets
$130 at Amazon
Cables, variousView our Cable list.
Charge Controller
Solar Charge Controllers, variousView our Charge Controller list.
Electrical Wire
Southwire 13058323 100ft 12/3 Underground Feeder Cable, Gray
can be use indoors, also UV protected, flame retardant, and can be used in wet locations
$88 at Amazon
Southwire 13055926 100ft 12/2 Underground Cable$90 at Amazon (na)
Southwire 63946828 Romex Simpull Solid 14/3 W/G NMB 100ft$84 at Amazon

Southwire 63947628 Romex Simpull Solid 12/3 W/G NMB Yellow 100ft
$125 at Amazon
Renogy 200W Pure Sine Wave InverterOur first inverter for Blue Skies Cabin.
Wish it had a much larger grounding connection as the little baby screw terminal cannot handle a reasonable guage grounding wire.
$260 at Amazon
Renogy 48V 3500W Solar Inverter Charger
Only 48 volt inverter option from Renogy.
Includes charge controller, inverter, and battery charger in a single unit.
Should allow up to 4400W of solar input (vs 520 from our Rover 40A).
If grid-connected it can charge batteries if solar is not enough on a cloudy day.
Not a grid-tied setup, should not push power back toward the grid as far as we know.

Note: Renogy “in stock” does not necessarily mean in stock and ready to ship. After 10 days no tracking could be provided and customer services confirms it has not shipped yet continues to ask for “one more day” to get a Tracking number. Very likely that the product is not available in the USA.
$580 at Renogy (na)
Inverter / Charger
LiTime 3000WInverter and AC charger in a single unit, allows the batteries to be charged from a grid source as needed.$570 Amazon (na)
Mini Split Air Conditioner Heater
Senville LETO 90CD 3/4 Ton (9,000 BTU) 110V Heat Pump Mini Split
SEER 21.5 720W 6.26A
Our first minisplit at Blue Skies Cabin.
Uses very little power, about 1kW when heating including the inverter losses.
That is as much power our our tiny test-unit space heater for battery tests.
$750 at Amazon
Klimaire ‎KSIV009-H119-S(W)
SEER 21.5 780W 6.8A / 925W 8A
$720 at Amazon 10 day delivery
Power Cords
Liesure Cords 90 Degree 15′ 30A RV Power Cord With Twist Lock$40 at Amazon
Power Ports (Exterior To Interior)
PAULINN 125V 15A AC Power Inlet, Y Adapter$20 at Amazon (na)
RVGuard 125V 30A RV AC Power Inlet$20 at Amazon

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