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A list of the products we’ve tried and tested during our various projects at Rally Creek.

Choosing A Solar System Battery
12 Volt 100Ah AGM Lead Battery
50% max usable ah capacity, 5Y max average lifespan
Weize 100ah LP12-100-W AGM
M8 terminal, 68 lbs, 2Y warranty
$155 at Amazon
12 Volt LiFePO4 Lithium Battery, various capacitiesView our 12V LiFePO4 Battery Listing
48 Volt LiFePO4 Lithium Battery , Various capacitiesView our 48V LiFePO4 Battery Listing
Battery Cable
iGreely 8 8AWG 2ft$10 at Amazon
Voltworks 4AWG 2ft$19 at Amazon
Voltworks 2AWG 2ft$19 at Amazon
Battery Charger
HTRC P20 – Smart Charger for Lithium, LiFePO4, AGM 5/10/20 Amp$63 at Amazon (no affiliate)
Battery Shunt
Renogy Battery Shunt 300A
Bluetooth (requires One Core)
$150 from Renogy (no affiliate)
Renogy 500A Battery Monitor with Shunt
LCD Display on device, 10 – 120V
$77 from Amazon (no affiliate)
Breaker Box
Connecticut Electric CESMPSC74GRHR Power Panel
80A Outdoor RV Panel Outlet with Breakers and GFCI Duplex
14-50 , TT30, 110 outlets
$210 at Amazon
$210 at Home Depot (no affiliate)
GE Powermark 125A Indoor Main Breaker Kit$65 at Home Depot
GE Breaker Box Grounding Kit$10 at Home Depot
RVGuard Outdoor Power Panel With Breaker
14-50 , TT30, 110 outlets
$130 at Amazon
Charge Controller
Renogy Rover RVR-40, 40A MPPT Charge Controller$150 at Amazon
EP Solar Tracer4215BN-MT50 40A MPPT Charge Controller$195 at Amazon
Rich Solar MPPT40 40A MPPT Charge Controller$160 at Amazon
Ampintv AP-80C 80A MPPT Charge Controller$225 at Amazon
Renogy Rover RVR-100, 100A MPPT Charge Controller$549 at Amazon
$630 at Renogy (no affiliate)
Victron Smart Solar MPPT 250 100 Tr VE.Can$550 at Amazon
Electrical Wire
Southwire 13058323 100ft 12/3 Underground Feeder Cable, Gray
can be use indoors, also UV protected, flame retardant, and can be used in wet locations
$88 at Amazon
Southwire 13055926 100ft 12/2 Underground Cable$90 at Amazon (no affiliate)
Southwire 63946828 Romex Simpull Solid 14/3 W/G NMB 100ft$84 at Amazon

Southwire 63947628 Romex Simpull Solid 12/3 W/G NMB Yellow 100ft
$125 at Amazon
Renogy 200W Pure Sine Wave Inverter$260 at Amazon
Mini Split Air Conditioner Heater
Senville LETO 90CD 3/4 Ton (9,000 BTU) 110V Heat Pump Mini Split
SEER 21.5 720W 6.26A
$750 at Amazon
Klimaire ‎KSIV009-H119-S(W)
SEER 21.5 780W 6.8A / 925W 8A
$720 at Amazon 10 day delivery
Power Cords
Liesure Cords 90 Degree 15′ 30A RV Power Cord With Twist Lock$40 at Amazon
Power Ports (Exterior To Interior)
PAULINN 125V 15A AC Power Inlet, Y Adapter$20 at Amazon (no affiliate)
RVGuard 125V 30A RV AC Power Inlet$20 at Amazon

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