Rainwater To Potable Water Setup For Shower

When we took over the property for Rally Creek it came with a large RV shed fitted with a rainwater catchment system. The collection worked well, despite needing a cleaning and basic maintenance. Since we are only at the property for a few days at a time, the 5000 gallon rainwater storage will more than meet our needs.

The issue with using that rainwater for anything other than basic irrigation is a whole different issue. We want to create a system that generates potable water, primarily for a shower setup at the moment — but possibly as drinking water. Our initial goal is to generate potable water to connect to the RV as well as get an outdoor shower setup to clean up after working the property.

The Pump House

The initial concept we are going to try is to create a pump house that uses the 5,000 gallon rainwater catchment as a water source. This will take the place of a well. By using a pump house we can later replace the rainwater system with a well if necessary.

This pump house will contain the pump to draw water from the rainwater catchment, the UV and 3-stage filtration system, and any other items we find we need along the way. The idea is non-potable clean water into one side of the pump house and potable water out on the other side. Later we may even add things like an on-demand water heater.

Thankfully we have 100A service on the property so we can power it with grid power for the start of the project. Hopefully we can replace this with a solar panel system in the near future.

Water Demand

Typical GPM:

  • Shower : 5 GPM
  • Toilet : 4 GPM
  • Kitchen Sink : 5 GPM
  • 1/2 in. Garden Hose : 3 GPM

Shopping List

Punch List

Setup Pump

First step after getting our current setup in order is to setup the pump to draw water from the catchment. This pump should be at least 1 HP to push the volume of water we want for showers and tap water to the RV and outdoor setup. It will also need to have float switches to stop the pump from running “dry” in the rainwater catchment is low.

Pump Requirements

  • 1 HP minimum
  • 5 GPM Minimum
  • Support 2ft Inlet Rise
  • Low water cut off
  • 110V low Amp is ok
    • 12V low amp is better if we want to not to deal with inverters when converting to solar
  • Support 125ft TDH
Total Dynamic Head (TDH)
  • Vertical Rise : 12 ft
  • Friction Loss (SCH 40 Plastic Pipe)on 1″ pipe at 5 GPM over 100ft : 2 ft
  • Pressure Tank @ 40 PSI (40 x 2.31) : 92.4 ft

Pumps With Controllers

RainFlo MHP150A : 1.5 HP Automatic Pump

1.5 HP
110V – 120V @ 10A Max
1″ FPT Inlet / 1.0″ FPT Outlet
Max 145 PSI In / 65 PSI Out
Water Temp: 32 – 158 F
Air Temp: 32 – 122F
Automatic start on user demand flow
Dry Run Protection
Removable/replaceable controller
127′ TDH = 55 PSI @ 15.2 GPM

Amazon : $650 4 day delivery

Rain Harvest Systems: $650

Pump Controllers

RainFlo PC115 : Automatic Pump Controller

115 V @ 16 A Max
Max 44 GPM
Adjustable Start Pressure: 22 – 36 PSI
Max Operating Pressure: 145 PSI
Control up to 1.5 HP
1 in. Inlet / Outlet Fittings
Dry run protection
PSI Gauge

Rain Harvest Systems : $180

Setup Filtration

Install this after the pump and pressure tank. Water should be mostly debris-free at this point. For our setup we will use a spin-down filter to help remove remaining debris, then run into the filter system.

Pressure Tank → Spin Down Filter → Carbon Filter → UV Filter → Fixtures

Spin Down Filter

ISPRING WSP-50 : Spin Down Filter


20 GPM
1 in. Fitting

Amazon $47 3 day delivery

Home Depot $47 3 day delivery

Express Water WHP1 : Spin Down Filter


15 GPM
15 – 115 psi
40°F – 113°F

Home Depot $50 7-10 day delivery

Water Filter With UV

Pentair Pelican PC600-PUV-7 : UV + 3-Stage Carbon Filter



Home Depot $1530 7-10 day delivery

3-Stage Carbon Filters

Pro Aqua Elite Pro-100-E : 3 Stage Carbon Filter


15 GPM
1 in. Fitting
$150 for replacement filter set

Home Depot $535 7-10 day delivery

ISPRING WGB32B-PB : 3 Stage Carbon Filter


15 GPM
1 in. Fitting
Sediment, Carbon, Lead Filter
$200 for replacement filter set

Also look at ISPRING WGB32BM which filters iron and maganese

Amazon $466 3 day delivery

Home Depot $536 3 day delivery

UV Filters

PUR PUV15S : UV Filter


Replacement lamps / sleeve $50 each

Home Depot $259 3 day delivery



12 GPM
1 in. Fitting

Amazon $286 3 day delivery

Final Setup

The valves and fittings to have outlets for the RV and bath house.


Water Pumps

Rain Harvest – How To Choose The Right Pump

Rainwater Filtration

How to Set Up a Rainwater Filtration System

on World Water Reserve by Jeremiah Castelo published January 4th, 2021

  • Gutter guards
  • Downspout diverter
  • Rain storage cover
  • UV Disinfection – part of whole house filter
  • Carbon Filter – part of whole house filter
  • Pressure Tank

Catchment → Storage → Pump → Filter → Pressure Tank → Fixtures

Drinking Water

on CDC.gov

Rainwater Shower


How to Set Up a Rainwater Filtration System the Right Way

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